How to Memorize Scripture Weekly Step by Step

It’s about time that more people memorized scripture. And I want one of those people to be you, dear friend.

But before we talk about how, let’s talk about why it’s important to memorize scripture, Psalms 119:11 (MSG) says, I have banked your word or promises in the vault of my heart, so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.

We need to memorize Scripture, so that when circumstances hit in our lives, we already have the word of God in us. The Scripture will help us in our relationship with God and people, health, finances, spiritual warfare, and any other areas we may need help.

How do we memorize scripture?

I have three methods of memorizing Scripture.

First method

The first way is writing the Scripture down in a small portable notebook.

Step 1: Pick a new verse on Monday, read the verse 10 times out loud, and then stop and go on about your day. And then on Tuesday, do the exact same thing.

Step 2: On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, try as much as possible not to read from where you’ve written down the Scripture, but to do it for memory, out loud 10 times.

Step 3: On Saturday, record yourself in a video, say it out loud with all the confidence you can master, as if your life depended on it. Then when you’re done, on Sunday, pick a new verse that relates to what you’ve been trying to memorize for the past week.

Second method

The second is writing the Scripture down in flashcards. These flashcards are so handy, I just print them out, cut, laminate, and store them in a snowman jar that sits on my shelf.

The flash cards come in different colors and topics. This method should also follow the above weekly steps.

Third method

This method is for those of you who are artistic.

Step 1: Pick popsicle sticks and write your scriptures on them with a marker or permanent pen.

Step 2: Lay the popsicle sticks in convenient places around your house.

Step 3: Pick up the popsicle sticks and read the scripture out loud in any room you walk into. At least three times a week, when you walk into a room, say the scripture out loud from memory.

If you try to memorize:

1 verse a week = 52 verses a year

2 verse a month = 12 verses a year

So, go ahead and put the word of God in the vault of your heart, so that you may not sin against Him.

Still Running the Race,


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