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The cross

The cross carried Jesus But it also carried us The crown means our king The dawn for us to sing Holy Holy is our great God The whole earth Echoes Lord! You have finished it ALL! You have delivered us ALL! The cross couldn’t hold Jesus It also shouldn’t hold us.

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Holy Spirit

The friend who never leaves me. The friend who lives in me He tells me deep secrets. He tells me kingdom secrets. He wants no secrets between us. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus The Holy Spirit magnifies Jesus He wants no secrets between us. He whispers to me when I’m still He whispers love to …

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My Soul

There’s so much yet to know. A LOT to understand about my soul One thing have I asked of the Lord That my soul will seek after the Lord Truly my soul finds rest in God In the quietness my soul finds God I want to love God with all my soul I don’t want …

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