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Good Things Can Come from Pandemics

The long-awaited day has finally come!

Adam and I finished the first draft of edits for my upcoming book, “Letters of Comfort – Living Life in China During the Pandemic.” 

I started writing this book back in Chongqing, China when the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2019. That first lock-down lasted for four months. 

Fittingly, we are currently in another lock-down in Shanghai that’s been going on for over two months. We’ve found ourselves with too much free time, and I decided it was about time to edit the book I’d begun in Chongqing. 

Letters of Comfort is a book made from a collection of letters sent to my Grandmother Jan while she was still alive. I started writing the letters to keep Grandma updated about our life in China as we lived through the pandemic. 

When Grandma passed due to cancer on June 3rd, 2020, I despaired of ever writing again. Grandma was my writing mentor. She was the person I respected to critique my work, and I trusted her to give me both negative and positive feedback.

She was the editor of my first book, “Your Journey 40 Days to Reflect on Your Walk with the Lord.”

It took me time to grieve, renew my affection for God, and accept that she was gone. Eventually, I realized I could still combine the existing letters into a book. 

These letters invoke emotions that many throughout the world have felt and are feeling. Many of us know someone who suffered or passed on due to Covid-19.  

Some people couldn’t hug their loved ones to say goodbye or grieve with those left behind. 

Separation, disease, and death scarred many of us. 

In the letters, I tell the story of how Adam and I survived in a country that wasn’t our own. In moments of frustration and anxiety, there was no one else to depend on other than God. 

Our Father provided for us during the first lock-down and continues to do so in the current one. 

He has been our shield.

He has provided food for us. 

Today we celebrate the goodness of God in our lives. We sent off the letters to an editor, and we pray and hope that very soon, the words in the manuscript will be a book in your hands, and you will get to read about the many beautiful blessings from God to us here in China. 

Please keep praying that we remain anchored in God as we start our third month of quarantine.

Still running the race,


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