My Story In Less Than 5 Minutes

I was born and raised in Kenya, Africa and moved to America when I was 13 years old.

Yes, I do speak Swahili!

As a teenager in a new school, life was hard. Lunch in a large cafeteria was torture sitting awkwardly alone wishing someone, anyone, would show up and say hello.

Three years later in high school, I discovered “math lab.” This was a small room down the hall of the second floor that students plus a math teacher on duty would meet for an hour a day.
I hated math. I was only there for the quiet the environment  Plus, I didn’t know any of the kids there – a sure sign they wouldn’t be gossiping about my looks.

I sat in the corner every day during my high school career. I spent my time;
Writing poems.
Reading books, fiction, and non-fiction alike. 

And most significantly, praying.

Prayer made me feel such a connection to God and love that I had never experienced before. My parents are both believers. But the lonesome walls of my school made me yearn for a savior in ways the comforts of home had not.

At 17 and just starting out college, I decided to fast and pray daily for 40 days like Jesus did, but with dinner. I made this decision because I wanted to feel more connected than before. I don’t remember feeling hungry any day during those 40 days.

His grace was guiding me during the whole fasting process.

I recorded daily everything I could see, touch, smell, taste and touch.

Some of my writing didn’t make it into the Journey book but most of it did.
In Your Journey, I share how God’s love carried me through hopelessness, loneliness, and despair even through college.

His love surrounded me and guided me even as I met and married the love of my life, Adam.

His goodness carried us to China where we have been residing for three years.

His protection covered us during the pandemic when Chinese governmental laws required us to stay quarantined for over two months in 2020.

His faithfulness is still strong even now as China rides another wave of Covid and new policies are keeping us from going to work, seeing friends, or just taking a walk outside our community.

His Spirit is the best friend I never had. The compass of my life. My strength as I walk this Journey with the Lord daily.

It’s my prayer that you would start your journey too and experience His never-ending love for you.

The chaos of our everyday life can be disorienting spiritually. However, I trust you will take 40 days to intentionally spice up your devotional life, and this book will help.

If you are ready, please go here

Still Running the Race,

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